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Cellis is a rapper and songwriter from Washington, D.C. His current project Snow Day is now available to download.







#verseDrop 3


I like to believe that all humans are born with decency and high moral fabric, that in the womb Gods sculpting hands provides a layer of innocence that protects us from evil, greed and narcissism.
But at some point we are stripped of these privileges and forced to become the thoughts given to us by our parents, mentors and teachers.
Whether good or bad, these are the thoughts that you will carry into adulthood, these are thoughts that will cause you to either stand up for injustices or embarrass your future generations. In the worst case, it has taught you to remain silent amid tragedy.
Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jacksons confederate monument came down for reasons that I understand because I was raised a certain way. 
#VerseDrop 3 begins there.